Pampered Pooch Services

All of the dogs at TDH get lots of love and playtime while they're here, but for those pups who would like a little extra pampering, we offer these services.

Fetch, Tug
or Extra Cuddles
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2 Peas in a Pod


(any combination of 2 individual services/treats)

Bedtime Tuck-In 


(includes 5 min of cuddles & Frozen Paws Ice Cream)

Bedtime Walk 


(includes 5 min of on leash walking & Frozen Paws Ice Cream)



10 min private session working on: sit, down, come, wait, place, leash walking and leave-it. 

*For dogs 6 months and older. Dog must already have a working knowledge of commands in order to participate in Enrichment Camp. Positive reinforcement/treats will be used. Cannot be used for 2 Peas in a Pod.


Homemade Frozen Pumpkin Paws:  $3.75


Buddy Mash, Fruit Yam or O'Nutty Cone:  $5

Calming Lavender/Chamomile Vegetable/Chicken Chew:  $3.25

Smokehouse Beef Chew:  $3.25

Virbac Dental Stick:  $3.25

Reliable, clean, and professional Dog Daycare & Dog Boarding for your pup!

Grooming services

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Click the logo above to view grooming services offered by our sister company, Woodlands Grooming Co.

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