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Luxury Dog

Bring your pup to Texas Doghouse for their boarding stay and they'll have as much fun on their vacation as you do on yours! We offer an open concept, all-day, group-play environment. Your dog will have the freedom to play with his friends in Daycamp for most of the day and enjoy sleeping in one of our comfortable overnight accommodations.


With our Board & Play option, your pup will participate in doggie daycamp during the day and spend the night in one of our three comfy night time accommodations. Our boarding guests must fulfill the same requirements as the daycamp dogs. Overnight space is limited, so please make sure to book well in advance of a trip.

To make your dog as comfortable as possible, we have a couple tips for their stay at Texas Doghouse. We encourage owners to bring their own food, toys, and treats to keep their pup feeling at home and to keep them from any potential tummy upset.

We also suggest that you bring your dog in as early as possible on the first day of their stay, there is no additional cost for this and it is very beneficial to your pup. They will eat and sleep much better after a full day of playing and getting to know our wonderful staff. Please note that we do not allow drop-offs on Sundays or when the lobby is closed.

Board & Play

Canine Country Club Members get 5%-30% Off Boarding 

All campers must complete an interview prior to boarding. Multiple dog rates are based on dogs from the same household staying in the same accommodation. Any reservation that checks out after 11am Mon-Sat is subject to our hourly fee of $4.75/hour per camper. Sundays and holidays incur a checkout fee of $40 for the 1st camper and $35 for each additional camper. 

Peak Season fee of $5 per night applies to all summer and holiday boarding. Deposit required for holiday boarding. 



We know that we charge more than most of our competitors, but we also offer much more!

  • We make sure to pay our staff a wage they can live on and we offer health insurance and other benefits to them as well. We don't want this to be just a "job" but a professional place of work. We want our staff to be of the highest standards and so we pay them accordingly.

  • All of our staff members are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. 

  • All of our staff members receive certification from Pack Pro in dog behavior before ever working with your pup.

  • We have low staff to dog ratios. 

  • We only take a limited amount of dogs, which helps reduce stress to your dog. 

  • We use the highest quality environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to use around your pup.

  • If your pup has minor tummy upset while they're with us (which can be common with boarding), we will give them over the counter medication at no cost, and always with your permission.

  • If your pup isn't wanting to eat, we go above and beyond to get them to eat. We will add mix-ins, fish oil, etc. to entice them and we sometimes go to the store to get extra products to help, all at no cost to you. On the rare occasion, we've even brought dogs home with us to help them settle in more comfortably. 

  • We will give extra naps to pups staying for an extended amount of time, as long as they want to rest.

  • We don't charge extra to administer medications or extra meals. 

  • We don't charge extra for an early drop off, we actually encourage it. 

  • We have our yards sprayed for pests regularly. 

  • Our interview process is not the typical doggie daycare temperament test. For pups to be granted a membership to Texas Doghouse, they must pass our very stringent behavior evaluation. 


We want your pup to have the best experience possible when staying with us. When you aren't around, we are your dogs' family and we have found it necessary to charge the above prices to ensure the highest quality of care. 


The Fine Print

  • INTERVIEW: All new dogs must complete an interview prior to boarding. Dogs who have not been to us in 6 months or more must be re-evaluated at the current daycamp rate for a minimum of 2 hours. Ask front desk staff about specific times for hourly re-evaluations. 

  • PEAK SEASON FEE: All Holiday, Spring Break, & Summer Boarding will incur a peak season charge of $5/dog/night. Peak Season Boarding follows the Conroe ISD school calendar. Prices above include peak season fee when indicated.

  • HOLIDAY DEPOSITS/PAYMENTS: Holidays require a $100 deposit per dog that is applied to total at checkout and half of payment is due at drop off. Deposit is fully refundable if cancellation policy is followed.

  • CHECK IN: Please drop your pup off for boarding in the morning if possible and if not, then by 5pm to avoid late drop off fees (5pm-6pm $20 per dog; 6:30pm-7:00pm $30 per dog; we close at 6pm on Saturdays). Our lobby is closed between 10am-4pm (the dogs still play during this time) and we do NOT allow drop offs during this time. PLEASE try to get your camper to daycamp as early as possible. They will have a much better night if a full day of play is enjoyed. They will eat better, sleep better and we don't charge any differently if you come in early vs. late. 

  • WEEKDAY/SATURDAY CHECK OUT: Check out is from 6:30am-10am Monday- Friday and 8am-9am on Saturday’s. All checkouts after these times will incur a daycare fee of $4.75 per hour, per dog.

  • SUNDAY/HOLIDAY CHECK OUT: Sunday and holiday checkouts incur a $40 boarding charge for the first camper and $35 for each additional camper. Courtesy checkout on Sunday is from 5-6pm. 

  • VACCINATIONS: All dogs must be kept current on Rabies, Bordetella, and DHLPP vaccinations. It is the customers responsibility to provide us with current records as needed.

Check out our daycamp page for more information on Daycamp requirements (includes boarding dogs).

Discount Programs


Canine Country Club Members get 5% - 30% off Boarding!

See daycamp page for more info.


As a way to say thank you to those in public service, we offer discounts on our daycamp, boarding, and bathing services.


  • 10% discount for Veterans and Active Duty Military, Police Officers, EMS Workers, Firefighters​, Teachers, and Nurses.

*Military ID/Work ID required. Discounts cannot be combined with other offers. 

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