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Boarding Policies

All boarding dogs must meet the requirements for daycamp.

The more familiar your dog is with us and our facility, the better they will do. Plan on bringing them a few times for doggie daycamp so they can get to know us and how we run things. The better they know us, the better they do. The dogs that normally do the best are the regular daycamp dogs that come 1-2 times per week. It is best to bring your dog in the morning, but if you can't, we ask that you bring them by 5pm to give them time to play before bedtime and to avoid extra fees. Please see our hours of operation on the contact page for drop off and pick up times. 

You are welcome to bring your own food and treats for your dogs stay, however Bags of dog food are not permitted, including resealable bags. Dry food must be in individual ziploc style bags for each meal to ensure that we give them the proper measurement and that they have enough food for their entire stay. The quantity in the bags must be the same for morning and evening per dog and must not contain medication in them. If your dog gets a different amount for breakfast and dinner, please DO NOT bring bags of dog food; you can bring the food in a few ziploc bags or a small airtight bowl and we can measure it out for you…please be sure to measure out enough food for the entire stay. We will feed based on your instructions and can handle most special needs: if you have refrigerated or microwaved meals, special mixing or additions, just let us know. Remember, dogs are much more active than usual when they stay with us, so you may want to consider feeding at least two times per day and slightly increasing your pup's normal portion to accommodate the increase in exercise. Dog food bags are not permitted under any circumstances. All food MUST be in an airtight container that will fit into a 15"x11" bin to avoid problems with pests. Dog's staying 14 nights or more, may bring a larger air tight food container. If this policy is not adhered to we will put your dogs food into an airtight one gallon bag and a $6 fee per one gallon bag will apply.

We encourage owners to bring something that smells like home for dogs staying overnight, however we DO NOT allow pillow beds, oversized blankets, comforters, quilts or sleeping bags. Small blankets, towels, t-shirts and crate liners only please. All bedding must be FULLY machine washable in hot water and able to fit into a regular size washing machine. You are also welcome to bring treats and we can give them out at nap time or at night. No Kongs please. Due to the setup at our new location, we are unable to allow toys. Please limit your dogs belongings to the necessities. Keep in mind each dog has a 15”x11” bin to hold their belongings. Although we will do our best to ensure that belongings are not lost, we cannot be held responsible for any items left with your dog. 

We can administer any oral or topical medication on any needed schedule. We cannot administer injections. All medications/supplements must be in original packaging with only enough medication for your pup's stay. Please DO NOT put medication in with your dogs food. All medication should come with clear written instructions, including the reason for administration. A small amount of our treat will be administered with each medication, unless otherwise instructed by the owner. 

Please try to get your boarder to us for boarding as early as possible. They will have a much better night if a full day of play is enjoyed. They will eat better, sleep better and we don’t charge any differently if you arrive early vs. late. Please note that we do not allow drop offs on Sunday's.



Monday - Friday: 6:30am-11am & 4pm-5:00pm (drop offs after 6pm incur a fee)

Saturday: 8am -11am & 5pm-7pm (drop offs after 5pm incur a fee)

*All dogs checking out from boarding in the afternoon/evening will incur an additional late checkout fee of $4.75 per hour after morning time listed above.



Sunday: Courtesy Pick Up 5pm-6pm

*Sundays always incur a $40 boarding charge for the 1st camper and $35 for each additional camper in place of the late check out fee.



Monday - Friday: 6:30am-11am & after 1:30pm by appointment only for hourly

Saturday: 8am-11am



Monday - Friday: 4pm-7:30pm (pick up by appointment avaiable from 1:30pm-4pm)

Saturday: 5pm-7pm



Closed for Daycamp and Board & Play drop off/pick up

Texas Doghouse reserves the right to board your dog and charge the going nightly rate for pick ups after closing times and you may pick up the following day. ALL daycamp/boarding pick ups approved after 7:30pm Monday-Friday, 7pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday will be charged for a full night of boarding.

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