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  • What is dog daycare?
    At Texas Doghouse we call it Doggie Daycamp and it's an environment where dogs are dropped off for the day to play for up to 13 hours with other dogs in a fun, well supervised, and safe environment. You can find more information on the benefits of doggie daycare in our Daycamp section.
  • What do the dogs do all day in Daycamp?
    Your dog will have fun sniffing, running, romping, wrestling, or splashing in our doggie pools. They will have access to our indoor climate controlled and outdoor play areas for most of the day. If they get tired, they can take a nap on one of our comfy Kuranda beds that are set up in the play areas. Dogs are separated by size and temperament. They will also take a short afternoon nap each day and they have access to fresh filtered water all day as well. In addition to playing with their fur friends, your pup will participate in organized activities like group sits, gate control excersies. and have quality playtime with their buddies in a secure environment, while being supervised by one of our trained Pack Leaders.
  • Why are your prices higher than I am used to paying at a traditional kennel?
    We give you the whole price up front because daycamp is included in our board & play rate. We know you don't like surprises at the time of check out, so the price you see is the price you will pay, free from the hidden fees that traditional kennels normally tack on, making customers feel like they’ve been nickel-and-dimed. We believe transparency and honesty are the best policies and we like to keep things as simple as possible for our amazing customers. Boarding kennels vary, but in a "traditional" boarding kennel, your dog is usually left alone in a cage or dog run for most of the day. They might be let out for a short time or placed in an outdoor run a couple of times a day. Depending on the kennel, your dog may or may not have access to air conditioning. The dogs usually do not interact with other dogs. A lot of them charge for things like administering medications, or preparing special meals as well. Compared to a traditional boarding kennel, we provide a very caring, social and family environment for your pup. At Texas Doghouse, your pooch is not a number. We are a small family owned and operated facility and we get to know the dogs on a first name basis; we learn their likes and dislikes along with their personalities. They truly become like family to us! Texas Doghouse offers all day play for no additional cost and we never charge for things like, preparing special meals/treats or administering medication. And best of all, your pup gets to play in Daycamp all day, every day that they are here and they get tons of love from our staff as well. In our opinion, loving on your pup is a privilege! We know that we charge more than most of our competitors, but we also offer much more! We make sure to pay our staff a wage they can live on and we offer health insurance and other benefits to them as well. We don't want this to be just a "job" but a professional place of work. We want our staff to be of the highest standards and so we pay them accordingly. All of our staff members are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. All of our staff members receive certification from Pack Pro in dog behavior before ever working with your pup. We have low staff to dog ratios. We only take a limited amount of dogs, which helps reduce stress to your dog. We use the highest quality environmentally friendly cleaning products that are safe to use around your pup. If your pup has minor tummy upset while they're with us (which can be common with boarding), we will give them over the counter medication at no cost, and always with your permission. If your pup isn't wanting to eat, we go above and beyond to get them to eat. We will add mix-ins, fish oil, etc. to entice them and we sometimes go to the store to get extra products to help, all at no cost to you. On the rare occasion, we've even brought dogs home with us to help them settle in more comfortably. We will give extra naps to pups staying for an extended amount of time, as long as they want to rest. We don't charge extra to administer medications or extra meals. We don't charge extra for an early drop off, we actually encourage it. We have our yards sprayed for pests regularly. Our interview process is not the typical doggie daycare temperament test. For pups to be granted a membership to Texas Doghouse, they must pass our very stringent behavior evaluation. We want your pup to have the best experience possible when staying with us. When you aren't around, we are your dogs' family and we have found it necessary to charge the above prices to ensure the highest quality of care.
  • Why do you require that my dog be spayed or neutered to participate in dog daycare or dog boarding?
    The main reason is that un-altered dogs are at a greater risk of injury from other dogs. In a social environment, un-altered males are often viewed as threats by other dominant dogs. Un-altered females, whether in heat or not, may be picked on by other female dogs and male dogs will view her as an un-altered female and treat her accordingly. Surging hormones from un-altered dogs may overly excite other doggie guests & contribute to aggressive play, excessive mounting, snapping and other "growly" behaviors. We understand that it is best for some large breeds to be altered at a later age, therefore, we will make exceptions for the age limit of being spayed/neutered for certain large breeds, on a case by case basis.
  • How much training does the staff undergo?
    All of our staff members are certified in Pet CPR and First Aid. All of our staff members receive certification from Pack Pro in dog behavior, pack management and sanitation processes before ever working with your pup. Continuing education is also an essential part of culture at TDH.
  • How do you keep the facility clean with all the dogs coming in and out?
    Texas Doghouse is deep cleaned and disinfected thoroughly daily with a cleaner and disinfectant specially formulated with your pup in mind. Our cleaning products are eco-friendly and will not harm your pup or the environment in any way. In fact, our cleaner has actually been used to bathe and treat dogs with mange. We also clean frequently throughout the day. Spot cleaning is done with the same cleaner to instantly sanitize the area.
  • My dog has never been boarded before or is not boarded often, do you have any tips?"
    The more familiar your dog is with us and our facility, the better they will do. Plan on bringing them a few times for doggie daycamp so they can get to know us and how we run things. The better they know us, the better they do. The dogs that normally do the best are the regular daycamp dogs that come 1-2 times per week. You can bring things that smell like home to help them settle in better as well, like a toy or blanket.
  • Are you a franchise? When will you open another location?
    Several doggie daycare and boarding facilities in The Woodlands area are franchises or corporations owned by out of state companies who are just in it for pure profit. WE ARE NOT! We are owned by David and Heather Murphy, who reside in The Woodlands just 5 minutes from TDH. You will often see them at the daycare doing just about any task you can imagine. We are big fans of local mom and pop places, and try to support as many as we can. We feel that the service you receive will be far superior than a franchise and we don’t ever want to be a “cookie cutter” place. As for another location, we feel that once you start growing into 2 locations, it becomes more money driven and the quality of service goes down! We put the care and comfort of the dogs before anything, and have no plans to open another location.
  • What is your cancellation policy for doggie daycamp and dog boarding?
    Non Holiday Boarding and Doggie Daycamp: We are often full and feel it is only fair to let us know if your dog will not attend. If your pooch is unable to come, we ask that you contact us at least 24 hours in advance so that another dog is able to take that spot. If notice is not received for doggie daycamp a charge for a full day of daycamp will be added to the next visit or a day will be deducted from the prepaid pass. If notice is not received for boarding, a charge in the amount of one night’s stay per dog will be added to the next visit. We may require a credit card to be on file with us at the time a reservation is made to uphold this policy. Holiday Boarding: All major holiday reservations require a 3 night minimum and a $75 non-refundable deposit per dog (will be applied to bill at checkout). The deposit must paid at the time the reservation is made. Payment in the amount of 1/2 the total boarding charges will be due no later than the cancellation deadline date. This does not include any add-on's. We are happy to put your card on file for this purpose. Payment in the amount of the remaining total boarding charges will be due at check-in. This does not include any add-on's, those can be paid at the time of check-out. Changes made to the dates of a boarding reservation after the cancellation deadline will result in a $50 change fee that must be paid at the time the change is made. Dog's checking out earlier than the scheduled checkout date will not receive a refund or credit for the unused days. Peak Season charge of $8-$10/Night per camper applies to all holidays. For Spring Break, Memorial Day, Independence Day, and Labor Day - Notification of a boarding reservation cancellation must be received at least 7 days prior to the boarding arrival date for a full refund of the deposit. If notification is not received within this timeframe, the deposit will be forfeited. For Thanksgiving - Notification of a boarding reservation cancellation must be received by November 1st to receive a full refund on the deposit. All deposits are due by this date or the reservation is subject to cancellation. If notification is not received by this date, the deposit will be forfeited. For Christmas/New Year’s - Notification of a boarding reservation cancellation must be received by December 1st to receive a full refund on the deposit. All deposits are due by this date or the reservation is subject to cancellation. If notification is not received by this date, the deposit will be forfeited.
  • Can I come take a tour of your facility?
    Yes! We would love to show you around! We understand that a lot of people prefer to see where their dog will be staying and we understand...we've been customers before too. However, introducing a new and unknown stimulus (i.e. you) to the group is very stressful on the dogs and we work hard to create a stress free environment and to control the amount of barking. Entering the dogs territory will create both! In an effort to keep the dogs as comfortable as possible, we do not allow tours while the dogs are eating or during nap time. We ask that you come during our preferred times and we welcome tours Monday-Friday only from 4pm-6pm. No appointment is necessary, just come on by. Please keep in mind that our lobby is closed between 11am-4pm Monday-Friday.
  • Is there a specific kind of collar my dog must where?
    No. Safety is our number one priority, therefore, Texas Doghouse is a collarless doggie daycare. When your pup arrives the first thing we will do is take their collar or harness off. It can be very dangerous for dogs to wear collars while they are in groups because their mouths can get caught on collars and it can be life threatening.
  • When can drop my dog off and pick him up?
    Please try to get your boarder to us for boarding as early as possible. They will have a much better night if a full day of play is enjoyed. They will eat better, sleep better and we don’t charge any differently if you arrive early vs. late. Please note that we do not allow drop offs on Sunday's. BOARD & PLAY PICK UP/DROP OFF TIMES: Monday - Friday: 6:30am-11am & 4pm-5:00pm (drop offs after 6pm incur a fee) Saturday: 8am -11am & 5pm-7pm (drop offs after 5pm incur a fee) *All dogs checking out from boarding in the afternoon/evening will incur an additional late checkout fee of $4 per hour after morning time listed above. BOARD & PLAY PICK UP ONLY: Sunday: Courtesy Pick Up 5pm-6pm *Sundays always incur a $38 boarding charge for the 1st camper and $31 for each additional camper in place of the late check out fee. DAYCAMP DROP OFF TIMES: Monday - Friday: 6:30am-11am & after 1:30pm by appointment only for hourly Saturday: 8am-11am DAYCAMP PICK UP TIMES: Monday - Friday: 4pm-7:30pm (pick up by appointment avaiable from 1:30pm-4pm) Saturday: 5pm-7pm HOLIDAYS Closed for Daycamp and Board & Play drop off/pick up Texas Doghouse reserves the right to board your dog and charge the going nightly rate for pick ups after closing times and you may pick up the following day. ALL daycamp/boarding pick ups approved after 7:30pm Monday-Friday, 7pm on Saturday and 6pm on Sunday will be charged for a full night of boarding.
  • What Holidays are you closed on?
    We are closed for boarding drop off/pick up and Daycamp on all major holidays listed below: • New Years Day • Independence Day • Thanksgiving • Christmas Day We have limited hours and may be closed for daycamp on all days listed below (check with us to find out if daycamp is open on these days): • New Years Eve • Memorial Day • Labor Day • Day After Thanksgiving • Christmas Eve • Day After Christmas In the event that one of these holidays falls on a Saturday or Sunday, we will be operating on limited hours the following Monday. We still come in twice (morning for 3-4 hours and evening for 3-4 hours) to take care of our Boarders and allow them to play, but we will have a limited amount of staff and our lobby will be closed to the public.
  • What are the requiements to come to Texas Doghouse?
    We require an interview prior to the first visit, which you will be able to schedule below. There is no charge for the first day interview. During the interview we will screen your dog for shyness, aggression, proper social skills, food aggression and make sure they are happy at our place. If you have not already scheduled your dog's interview, you can do so by clicking here or giving us a call at 281-259-8672. WHAT TO EXPECT: For the interview, you will drop your dog off for a day of play between 7am-9am. When you first arrive, we will get your dog's vaccination information and then someone will come and take your pup to the back. We will slowly introduce them to the group to make sure they are a good fit for our doggie daycare. If everything goes well, you can pick your dog up anytime between 4pm-7pm. If your dog does not do well, we will call and let you know and you can come get your pup at that time. We always have the safety of your dog and all the dogs in our care as our highest priority. RULES FOR DAYCAMP/BOARDING: Dogs must be at least 16 weeks of age and/or have all 3 sets of puppy vaccines. Dogs over six months of age must be spayed or neutered. Dogs must be in generally good health. Dogs must be friendly, social, and healthy and enjoy the play environment. Dogs must be dog and people friendly. For the safety all dogs and visitors, all customers' dogs must be kept on a leash when arriving and leaving our facility. (Stretch/retractable leashes MUST be locked) Dogs must have vaccinations including rabies, DHLPP (distemper/parvo/lepto) and current Bordetella (canine cough). This vaccine requires TWO boosters annually (every 6 months) and most veterinarians only administer this when specifically asked. Owner administered vaccines are not allowed. All vaccines must be administered by a licensed veterinarian. We do not allow diabetic or epileptic dogs to come to Texas Doghouse for their own safety. MAINTAINING MEMBERSHIP: Dog’s must come to daycare or boarding at least once in a 6 month period to maintain their membership. If they do not come once in 6 months, they must come in for a day of doggie daycare prior to boarding to renew their membership (2 hour minimum required). The going rate for daycare applies. Typical reasons dogs do not pass the interview are: Not meeting the above criteria Aggressive behavior to dogs/people in the play area or lobby Excessive mounting Severe nervousness Not respecting/listening to the other dogs and/or staff Not good in crate (excessive barking, aggression or destructive behavior/extreme nervousness while crated) Unhappy in the daycare environment Medical problems Texas Doghouse reserves the right refuse services at any time based on dog's temperament or health.

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